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Wedding Reception
Saturday, September 24, 2005

  • No gifts please. This is a small and informal ceremony, and we aren't registered at any stores. Your attendance is all that we could ask for.
  • Dress is casual. The bride is wearing a dress; the groom plans to wear jeans.
  • Photos are encouraged. If you have a digital still or video camera, we would love for you to use it at the ceremony and share your images and video with us afterwards.

[ Click here to view photos from Janice and Chris's July 22 civil marriage. ]

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David martin Maybe
Dr Love Maybe  
sta (+1)We'll be there  
Test Maybe  maybe
ghfj We'll be there  
Donald Streling (+1)We'll be there  I hope I can find a date since no one likes me right now
Stuff (+99)Maybe  sounds like a party
demo So sorry  
RSVP tester (+1)So sorry  this may be great
Bill Clinton (+1)We'll be there  I'll be there with Monica as the old bag is too busy with her campaign.
Dr. Joe We'll be there  
Romy So sorry  
amanda (+1)We'll be there  tent
ssb We'll be there  
Oren (+4)We'll be there  
Lincoln Log (+2)We'll be there  
Marsha Webster We'll be there  
huddleston berkley (+1)We'll be there  
Why So sorry  Why does your fake RSVP link work but my real one doesn't?
Me We'll be there  
Charlie Maddox (+2)We'll be there  
Mimi (+55)So sorry  Yippie
asdf We'll be there  oks !
jv We'll be there  Fack!
daniela (+3)We'll be there